Note kvartet

“We are a Note quartet - because notes are the beginning and the end of music. We believe that each event is special, so we offer a variety of musical styles to match your preferences. With a composition of violin, harp, flute and vocals we are able to give a unique sound to any familiar melody, and with an interesting program, talent, charisma and stage presence, we will turn your event into a celebration that will be remembered for a long time.”
The four founders of the quartet are Antoaneta Boshnakova, Zlatina Georgieva, Tsveta Shopova and Sofia Koleva. Over the years they have worked together in various projects, gained experience as a team on numerous stages, but only in the summer of 2020 they decided to unite as Note Quartet. Their mission is to masterfully present each of their performances to the audience. Precisely and appropriately selected repertoire is an important task, which is planned before each individual performance. Their goal is to create the appropriate and desired atmosphere, and their main priority is to offer a spectacular experience to their audience.